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Richard is always open to discussion on commissions or purchases. Please feel free to state the piece you're interested in purchasing or provide a detailed description of a custom commission if necessary. Richard specializes in stone, marble, steel, canvas, and multiple mixed mediums.
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940 Shady Creek Road,
Clear Brook,
VA 22624
9AM - 4PM, Mon to Fri
+1 (540)-664-6727

Richard's Specialties

A carved piece of stone with distinct fine ridges.

Stone Carving

Richard first started carving stone at the University of Maryland in 1971, where he later taught the stone carving class. He has had stone carving studios in Greece, West Virginia, DC, and now Clear Brook Virginia.

A large window house with lights on and a beautiful patio with spaced concrete slabs and a firepit


Richard started using concrete as a builder in the DC area where he designed and built various restaurants and nightclubs. He also produced a number of custom concrete countertops throughout the area.

An extravagant and colorful tile floor surrounded by bright art and a blue pot


Working with tile, whether ceramic, marble, or cork, Richard created many floors, baths, and kitchens from Maine to South Carolina.

A sign for the Museum of The Shenandoah Valley that is constructed of copper, limestone, and steel with large letters "MSV" and "museum of the Shenandoah Valley" underneath

Various Metals

Self taught in metal fabrication, Richard has made many sculptures in steel, bronze, aluminum, and copper. He's also been commissioned by various architects for custom projects as well as by the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley Museum.

A standing piece of wood that has been cut to resemble a road that leads to a small single black steel door


As a builder, Richard has extensive experience in woodworking.

Multiple lines of fiber optic cables running through a casted plastic casing

Fiber Optics

Richard has been incorporating fiber optics into concrete and cast-plastic since 1990.